This section will introduce you to the services the company offers.

Scope of offered and performed services

Valuation of movable property, plant, machines and equipment

Valuation of transportation vehicles

  • Valuation of passenger automobiles
  • Valuation of load vehicles
  • Valuation of trailers and semi-trailers
  • Valuation of motorcycles

Valuation of agricultural equipment

  • tractors,
  • harvester combines,
  • plows,
  • mowers, etc .

Valuation of construction and civil works technology

  • Excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Hoppers
  • Bulldozers
  • Hydraulic hammers, etc.

Valuation of machines, plant and equipment for the industry

  • Repeater stations and relay systems
  • Machines for the foodstuff industry
  • Machines for the chemical industry
  • Machines for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Machines for the cosmetic industry
  • Machines for the textile industry
  • Machines for the clothing industry
  • Machines for the furniture industry
  • Machines for the shoe industry
  • Conveyor belts, automations
  • Mining industry
  • Machines for cellulose and paper
  • Metal working and metal cutting machines
  • Machines for the production of window and door frames and glazing
  • Plastics processing machines
  • Automated lines in polygraphy
  • Computer systems
  • Video-surveillance and security systems
  • Fiber-optic networks
  • Other types of machines and equipment
Concession analyses
  • Inert material deposits
  • Services – social activities, sports activity, transport
  • Potable water resources
  • Graveyards
  • Fishing weirs, etc.
Preparing analyses and market surveys in the field of real estate
  • Market surveys about renting office space
  • Market surveys about renting advertising space
  • Market analyses on the delivery of transportation vehicles
  • Comparability analysis in order to determine the market prices for temporary paid use of already built underground channel network / overhead network
  • GEO Report
  • Expert opinions with respect to fees for using cashiers desks for registration of passengers and luggage
Valuation of real estate

Valuation of buildings

  • Valuation of apartments
  • Valuation of single family and multiple family houses and country houses
  • Valuation of administrative and office buildings
  • Valuation of industrial buildings;
  • Valuation of warehouses and logistics centers;
  • Valuation of hotels, motels, cottages and rest houses;
  • Valuation of business facilities (restaurants, shops and other);
  • Valuation of goods-in-progress;
  • Valuation for entering into the accounting records

Valuation of land

  • Valuation of land within regulations (zoned) and outside regulations (unzoned)
  • Valuation of agricultural lands
  • Valuation of plots for sale
  • Valuation of ideal parts from land properties

Valuation of the leasing of real estate property

Valuation of limited substantive rights
  • Valuation of the right to build
  • Valuation of easement- right to pass / underground running a line
  • Valuation of the right to use /occupancy/
Valuation of compliance with the requirements of various normative regulations
  • Valuation of assets under the terms of DDS/State Treasury Directorate/ No.20/ 14.12.2004 of the MINISTRY OF FINANCE;
  • Valuations under the International Accounting Standards, IAS 2, IAS 16, IAS 36, IAS 40, IFRS 13
  • Valuations under the terms of Art.33 and Art.34 of Ordinance 30/19.07.2006 regarding “the requirements to the accounting, the form and content of the financial statements, references, reports and the annexes of the insurers and the health insurance companies“
  • Valuations of shares of stock under the terms of Ordinance No. 41/ 11.06.2008 “on the requirements towards the contents of the grounds for determining the prices of shares of stock of a public company, including the reasons for applying the valuation methods in the cases of transformation, joint venture contract and bidding “
  • Valuation under the terms of Ordinance No. N-9 of 14 Aug 2006 “on the terms and ways of applying the methods to determine market prices”/transactions between related persons/
  • The company performs oral and written consultations, observations
Valuation of materials
  • Valuation of spare parts
  • Valuation of metals and metal waster for scrap
  • Valuation of materials being tailings, granulated and non-granulated slag containing metals and various ores and minerals
  • Valuation of materials for building energy facilities
  • Valuation of various materials in the field of metal casting, working
  • Valuation of micro HPP /Hydro power plant/
  • Valuation of photovoltaic power plants
  • Valuation of machines, plant and equipment in electrical distribution kiosks, substations, hydro-electrical and heating thermal power plants
  • Valuation of cable lines low voltage /LV/, medium voltage /MV/, high voltage/HV/
  • Valuation of infrastructure
Valuation of whole enterprises, independent parts of them, shares of stock and participations, receivables
  • Legal analysis, valuations and information memorandums of whole business enterprises, independent parts of them, share participations and stock
  • Valuation of the capital of business enterprises and financial combinations – acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs
  • Valuations of contributions in kind for the establishment of joint ventures
  • Valuation of stock/ share participation portfolios
  • Valuation of receivables being collateral on bond debt
  • Valuation of liquidation value
  • Valuation of the capital with the purpose of restructuring
  • Valuation with the purpose of cash remedy, proportional to the share participation of partners in the equity of companies
  • “Competitiveness” Programme
  • Rural Development Programme, measures 121 and 123
  • Preparation of documentation under the Public Procurement Act /PPA/ for bids
  • Filling out application forms

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